China: 11 eCommerce Facts

China’s eCommerce sales is projected to reach USD $2.5 trillion by 2020. Marketplace proliferation, and the ever-growing affluence and savvy of Chinese online shoppers, presents rich opportunities in both the country’s domestic and cross-border eCommerce scenes. Get a glimpse into this booming market in this factsheet.

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Indonesia – 9 eCommerce Facts

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing digital economies in Asia with an eCommerce sector full of opportunities. This infographic introduces this high potential eCommerce market with 9 key facts.

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9 Hong Kong eCommerce Facts

Hong Kong is expected to hit the USD $6.678 billion eCommerce sales mark by 2020, thanks to the citizenry’s technological aptitude and preference for convenience in a place where time is a rare commodity. Read on to learn more about Asia Pacific’s 6th biggest online retail market.

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10 New Zealand eCommerce Facts

With a local eCommerce market valued at NZ $2.7 billion, New Zealand is increasingly becoming a lucrative market for online retailers in Asia Pacific. Mobile penetration in particular has grown significantly, with showrooming a key feature of the local retail landscape, alongside significant cross-border commerce activity. Read on for more interesting facts about eCommerce in New Zealand.

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eCommerce in Australia: 10 Key Insights

Australia is one of Asia Pacific’s most highly developed eCommerce markets. The country’s substantial market size and tech-savvy consumer base make it a high potential eCommerce market for global brands and retailers. Check out these 10 key insights about eCommerce in Australia.

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9 Fast Facts on Taiwan’s eCommerce Market

Taiwan ranks among some of Asia Pacific’s key eCommerce markets. The country’s robust online infrastructure has made it a market ripe for continued eCommerce growth. This factsheet provides a quick overview of Taiwan’s eCommerce landscape highlighting 9 fast facts.

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South Korea – 10 eCommerce Facts

South Korea ranks as one of the most attractive market for ecommerce globally. The country offers considerable promise for new brands looking to access the 2nd most connected population in the world. This fact sheet highlights 10 key facts about South Korea all eCommerce professional should know.

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Creating a Great Online Customer Experience

Creating a great online customer experience is an ongoing process that involves careful planning, paying attention to changing customer needs and keeping up with technological developments. This factsheet highlights some of the key features that drive a great online customer experience.

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eCommerce in Singapore: 9 Must Knows

Singapore is the most established eCommerce marketplace in Southeast Asia. The city state is an ideal gateway into Asia Pacific’s eCommerce sector, given its high connectivity to other regional markets and significant share of cross-border trade.

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Malaysia’s eCommerce Market: 12 Things You Need To Know

Malaysia is an eCommerce powerhouse and a key destination for businesses looking to expand their online presence. This infographic highlights 12 fundamentals all eCommerce professionals need to know.

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9 Fundamentals For eCommerce in Thailand

Thailand’s eCommerce space is vibrant and full of opportunities. This infographic provides a quick overview of the key factors driving Thailand’s eCommerce growth.

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The Drivers of eCommerce in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region in the global eCommerce landscape. This factsheets highlights four key drivers that have accelerated the region’s eCommerce boom.

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Rise Of The New eCommerce Powerhouse

This infographic highlights the opportunities available for international monobrands in Asia Pacific.

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